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How to get there

If you come from abroad be prepared for a long journey. Getting to paradise, no matter what your religion is or is not, is hard and long. 

Many airlines fly to Athens from all over the world. None flys directly to Schoinousa. Only  Aegean flys from Athens or Thessaloniky to Naxos.


1. Ferry from Pireus

Service is supplied by Blue star. 

Timeline: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from mid june to mid september. Boat leaves Pireus at 6.45 am and arrives in Schoinousa at 1.30 pm. The same boat the same days  will leave Schoinousa at 20.45 and arrive in Pireus at 05.00 am the day after.

2. Ferry from Naxos.

Scopelitis: its a legend and a lifline for the islands. Every day except for Sundays leave Naxos port at 2Pm and arrives in Schoinousa at 3.45pm. It stops at Iraklia before and will continue to Amorgos.

3. Helicopter from Santorini or Mikonos

If your budget is high enough, then go for it. Best option and less expensive is flying from Santorini. They fly only during daytime. Meltemi in August and July could represent an importan issue.

Helpful Links: : travel agency based in Athens. Online booking for any ferry. They are very professional and always very kind. : you can book your tickets directly from their website and pick them out at Pireus port.

www.superior-air-gr : very professional. will help you out in a very kind way to decide from where and at what cost fly to Schoinousa.

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