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It is Schoinousa lovely port. Mersini is one of the best cyclades harbour to find protection from the Meltemi (North-east wind), making it a very good stopover for many yacht and sailing boats.


In summer the tiny village (just a few houses, two restaurants and a couple of beautifull villas) becomes very lively thanks to the many boats harbouring in the little bay.


In general the little village crowd stays in Mersini and rarely move to the hotels/restaurants up in the Chora, making Mersini athmosphere completely different from the other two villages and often contrasting with the island semplicity.  One of the best and probably most expensive restaurants of the small cyclades (Nicolas) is based in the village.

Schoinousa lies south of the island of Naxos in the Small Cyclades group, between the island communities of Irakleia and Koufonisia.
Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality of Naxos.
The population was 256 inhabitants at the 2011 census.
Its land area is 8.512 square kilometres (3 sq mi).


There are just three little villages in the island: Mersini (the island little port); Messaria (little village in the north side of the island) and Chora (main village). ​Despite being in such a small island, the villages differ (not just in size) significantly one from the other.


Locals work in the turist, agricultural and building sector.  Strangely very few people are dedicated to fishing.


Apart from its natural beauties the island is know for producing one of the best "Fava" in the cyclades (similar to a yellow lentil).




It is Schoinousa main village.  It is a small, classic white, beautiful and characteristic cyclades village. It is located at  150 meters from the sea level.  To reach it from Mersini you will need either a ride from one of the hotels/kind villagers or a hard and steep walk.


The village is always full of life. In summertime and holidays period most of the tourist will stay in one of the  hotels/room rentals and spend the nights in the main square and restaurants across the village. In wintertime and off season, locals will spend off work time in the few open bars and restaurants and will share the main square as if it was the village living room. Atmosphere is amazing all year round, with its peak in late spring early summer.


It is worth visiting the island off season, particularly in early spring. The landscape is completely different from what you would normally expect. The island is incredibly green and full of all of kind of flowers.


It is also worth visiting during easter time. The village becomes incredibly lively. 


There are different events during summer worth attending. The funniest one and probably the most peculiar is the dunkey race, held in mid August. Most locals will attend it and so most tourists.


Chora is also known for its quality food. Restaurants are generally very good and serve traditional Greek dishes and local products.


There are no real supermarkets, just a couple of local shops that will sell basic food and non food products. There is one pubblic phone and a couple of restaurants have wifi connection. Since July 2012 there is a little space dedicated to local artists and a shop selling apparel.


There is no hospital, just a local doctor that depending on your medical needs will decide if to transfer you to Naxos, Athens or be taken care in the island.



Little village in the north of the island, 10 minute walk away from Chora. It is an incredibly characteristic little gem. There are twenty little houses and a couple of tavernas, both owned by the same family.


Despite being only 10 min walk away, Locals consider Messaria and the north of the island as the island countryside. 


In wintertime only a couple of families live there. In summertime both tavernas are opened and few families come here to spend their summers. 


The village is a must pass by in summer to get to two of the best beaches in the north side of the island, Fikio and Psili Amos. Apart from those walking to and from the seaside, you will not find any tourist staying in the village.


We reccomend the walk from Chora. The views are incredible. You will be able to see Amorgos, Kato Koufonisia and Koufonisia.



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